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June 1999

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News in the Headlines

June 17th

The long awaited Building Architect
Tool is now avaliable at Get your
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Tools and put your imagination to the test as you design your own buildings for your own cities. Please stay tuned as for some updates to Planet Simcity 3000's website for a place where users can upload and display their buildings.


June 3rd

There is a new landmark avaiable now! The new landmark is called Parthenon. Go to the landmark section to see it.


May 7th

A place called the SimCity Exchange is now open at This is a fantastic place where you can trade cities with other mayors and developers.  You can also submit your terrains to be displayed and you can surf the variety of pages of cities left on the site. There are over 100 SC3K cities listed on there. Check it out today!

May 5th

There is a new landmark pack at The new landmark is the Atlantis Condominium in Miami, USA. Go to the landmark section to see it!

April 25th

A new map is available at This new map is a map of the Silicon Valley in California. Land which is known as the popular home for computer and technological companies, you can expand your imagination and build high tech industries. Go ahead and give it a try.

April 9th

The map of Chicago is available now at This map has been built with streets and bridges. Some buildings included are Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planeterium and John Hancock Center.
Mayor Murilo.



Hot Downloads

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WB01626_.gif (272 bytes) Simcity 3000 Theme Pack
WB01626_.gif (272 bytes) Building Architect Tool


Maxis News

  • Simcity 3000 for the Macintosh will be out this summer. Please visit the official website for the whole story!
  • Maxis announced that they will be releasing another game called TheSims. It will allow users to control the everyday lives of the sims in their city.



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